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Chef Don Duong

Recipient of the top Gold Prize at the prestigious 2004 Culinary Olympics
Studied and worked in Canada, France, Italy and Switzerland read more


"Best wedding cakes in the city"



"Dessert Trends Donald Duong is our King of Cakes"

Steven Davey, The Now Magazine


"Dessert Trends is the talk of the town"

The Globe and Mail


National Post:

"Dessert Trends has drestically changed the pastry-shopping equation of the entire city"


"A stickler for freshness and balanced flavours"

James Chatto, Toronto Life


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Dessert Trends Bakery is located at 325 Weston Road, Toronto, Ontario and is a wholesaler of the city’s best pastries and cakes for several reputable hotels, restaurants, grocers and clubs.


DT Bistro-Patisserie (aka DT, Dessert Trends or DT Bistro) opened in the Fall of 2005, shortly after Chef Don was recipient of the top Gold Medal at the prestigious World Culinary Olympics in Germany. The bright and airy Bistro with adorable full-window French doors, serves an exceptional lunch and dinner from Wednesday to Sunday.  In addition to innovative Pasta, Seafood and Meat dishes DT serves impressive sandwiches (using bread baked in-house), excellent salads and an impressive large selection of fine pasties and gelato.   Whether you are looking for a CafĂ© to relax in, a wholesome nutritious lunch to enjoy, an unforgettable dining experience or just wanting a convenient location to get some more of those delectable pastries, tarts and cakes, DT Bistro will be for you.  The National Post has said “Before Dessert Trends, there were only two authentic Patisseries in all of Toronto”.


Dessert Trends Bakery opened in 1999 and quickly became the leader in the creation of fine pastries, cakes, truffles, sweet tables and cookies.   Toronto Life Magazine says “best tasting cake in the city ... and best place to buy wedding cakes”.  Jacob Richler form the National Post was correct when he said in January 2000 that “Dessert Trends has dramatically changed the Pastry shopping equation of the entire city”. 

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