For over 15 years, Dessert Trends delighted Toronto with its delectable sweets and dishes, earning the title of “the best-tasting cake in the city.” The closure of this cherished local establishment marks a significant loss for the culinary landscape, but the legacy of Dessert Trends, renowned for its special occasion cakes and innovative pastry creations, will undoubtedly persist.

The success and impact of Dessert Trends are a testament to the broader influence of dessert businesses in Toronto. These establishments satisfy sweet cravings and play a crucial role in the local economy. They provide jobs, support suppliers, and attract residents and tourists, contributing to the vibrant cultural fabric of the city.

Similarly, the rise of online platforms, particularly in online gaming, has added another layer to Toronto’s economic landscape. Through technological advancements and regulatory changes, these platforms have grown from niche markets to major financial contributors. They generate significant revenue, create employment opportunities, and are now a staple of the city’s digital economy.

The Sweet Taste of Success

The foundation of Dessert Trends lies in Chef Donald Duong’s original cake studio, which was established in 1999. With a diverse culinary background that included training in French, Italian, and Swiss cuisines, Chef Duong gained fame for his special cakes that combined technical precision with creative flair. His exceptional skill set was globally recognized when he won the Gold Medal at the 2004 World Culinary Olympics, solidifying his status as a creator of some of the best cakes in Toronto.

Dessert Trends

Leveraging this acclaim, Chef Duong launched the Dessert Trends Café on Harbord Street in 2005, initially intended as a retail outlet for his acclaimed cakes and pastries. Yet, his vision led the café to evolve into the much-loved DT Bistro-Patisserie, which became famous for its fusion dishes that masterfully combined Eastern and Western culinary traditions. Among these, the signature Braised Beef Salad with lemongrass was a standout, showcasing the innovative spirit that defined the bistro.

Critics and patrons alike recognized the transformative impact of Dessert Trends on Toronto’s pastry and culinary scene. The National Post highlighted Chef Duong’s significant contribution, stating that he had “changed the pastry shopping equation for the entire city,” a testament to the lasting influence of Dessert Trends and its role in elevating the standard for special occasion cakes and pastries in Toronto.

Dessert Trends’ Menu

Dessert Trends’ diverse offerings blended Eastern and Western influences. Savoury lunch and dinner dishes like shrimp pesto linguine or seared duck breast salad wowed diners with their harmonic fusion of French techniques and Asian flavours.

Yet the bakery cases stole the show with their mouthwatering sweets. Flaky fruit tarts overflowing with fresh Ontario berries sat beside towers of fluffy white chocolate mousse. Gluten-free passionfruit cheesecakes proved light yet decadent.

As a world-class patisserie, Dessert Trends achieved particular renown for its cakes. There were moist chocolate tortes covered in perfect fondant, carrot cakes with flawless cream cheese frosting, and the lightest vanilla chiffon cakes around. Expertly crafted and beautifully decorated occasion cakes were always stunning centrepieces.

Best Wedding Cakes in Toronto

But it was the wedding cakes that were the true pièce de résistance. Chef Duong made over 2,500 unique wedding cakes in his tenure, each reflecting the style of the couple through details like sugar floral accents in the bride’s favourite colours. Every element, from the subtle flavours to sugar flowers, was customized. Critics and couples alike called them Toronto’s best wedding cakes.

Beyond cakes, customers raved about Dessert Trends’ versions of European classics like tiramisu, biscotti, and fruit tarts, with Chef Duong’s mastery eliciting the perfect texture and taste for each. Balance and precision shone through in every sweet and savoury creation.

Best Wedding Cake

Locations and Services

The flagship DT Bistro-Patisserie on Harbord Street initially opened as a small Dessert Trends retail space before expanding into a full-service restaurant and bakery. Its charming storefront windows overlooking the neighbourhood street marked the perfect backdrop to enjoy the creations.

The original Dessert Trends bakery production facilities were housed down the road on Weston Avenue. This separate wholesaler bakery focused solely on supplying pastries and cakes to venues across Toronto, with no public storefront.

Beyond its brick-and-mortar shops, the bakery offered exceptional dessert catering services in Toronto ranging from custom wedding packages to sweet tables for corporate events. For over 15 years, Dessert Trends delivered five-star sweets and satisfaction to venues and families across the city.

Top 3 Dessert Trends Alternatives

While Dessert Trends may no longer be serving its delightful pastries and dishes, Toronto’s vibrant culinary scene continues to offer exceptional alternatives for those seeking quality and innovation in pastries and bistros, as well as competitive wedding cake prices in Toronto. Here are a few noteworthy establishments:

Bobbette & Belle

Bobbette & Belle is known for their beautiful French-inspired pastries, cakes, tarts, and other baked goods. They have two locations at 1121 Queen Street East and 3347 Yonge Street in Toronto. Contact them at (416) 466-8800 or [email protected].

Bobbette & Belle
Bunner’s Bakeshop

Bunner’s Bakeshop

Bunner’s Bakeshop specializes in vegan and gluten-free versions of classic bakery favourites like celebration cakes, cupcakes, and cinnamon buns. Their Kensington Market location is at 244 Augusta Avenue in Toronto. Reach them at 647-350-2975 or [email protected].

Serano Bakery

Serano Bakery is a Greek family-owned bakery and café offering traditional Greek pastries, breads, custom cakes, and more. They are located at 830 Pape Avenue in Toronto and can be contacted at 416-462-2735.

Serano Bakery